From Governor Mike Huckabee & Sec. Of State Sharon Priest
The Arkansas Traveler Award represents the friendliness & hospitality that Arkansas extends to out of state visitors who have contributed to the progress, enjoyment, or well-being of the state of Arkansas or her people…as an Arkansas Traveler Lisa Marie Miree is authorized and commissioned to serve as an Ambassador of Good Will from Arkansas to the people of the other states, nations, and beyond the borders of the US.

Lisa is awarded the keys to the city of Helena, Arkansas

May 23, 2001 The City of Cincinnati declares Lisa Miree Day. ....."Lisa Miree is inspiring people across the nation with her positive messages about sexual abstinence and urging all not to abuse their bodies with smoking, drinking, and drugs"....... 

May 29, 2001 The Ohio State Senate-Resolution ...."Known and admired throughout the community, Lisa Miree derives extra energy from her many accomplishments. Never content to take a passive role, she has brought insight and exceptional ability to all of her endeavors and her amiable style will certainly serve her well as she assumes her duties as Miss Black USA.....She's an ambassador of the State of Ohio and the United States of America."

May 29, 2001 The Ohio House of Representatives- Commendation ..."By fully developing and utilizing your talents, you have shown a sincere determination to better the world around you, and we applaud you on your outstanding effort....Your selection as the 2001 Miss Black USA is a fitting tribute to you for the energy and initiative which you have demonstrated in all your endeavors."

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