Lisa is the first national titleholder to win a pageant with an abstinence until marriage platform. She practices what she preaches and preaches what she practices.
Lisa has chosen to share her personal lifestyle choice with the world. She is using the power of the crown to advocate her platform of "abstinence until marriage. She is working very hard to make abstinence the attractive, popular choice for single people. Lisa stood for what she believes in on ABC’s television show Politically Incorrect, discussed her platform on the national radio program, Focus On the Family, shared thought-provoking poetry with soldiers at Fort Knox army base, lobbied on Capitol Hill for abstinence funding and will continue to battle for the cause. She stresses that there is no such thing as safe sex. The only sex that’s safe is no sex outside of marriage. She is living by example and showing our young people that a strong individual chooses to abstain.

Lisa Marie Miree was crowned March 24, 2001 in Birmingham, Alabama. Her reign was extended after the 9-11 tragedy and the War in Iraq. Lisa not only is the first national titleholder to win with an abstinence platform, but she is the longest reigning queen, due to these unforeseen circumstances. For the talent competition Lisa wrote an original poem entitled Dreamcops that led into her playing the piano while singing Over The Rainbow. In addition to winning the crown, Lisa won Proline’s Woman of Style award.

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