Lisa will reign as Miss Ohio United States until November 2004

Who do you most admire and why? My mother. She is the first role model I ever had. I am so grateful I did not have to look outside the house or turn to the TV to find one. It is due to her values, parenting, and sacrifices that I became the woman I am. She saw to it that her four children would be educated, respectful, and capable of chasing our dreams without compromising our convictions. Her road hasn’t been easy, but she hasn’t let life’s stresses keep her from being a phenomenal wife, mother, co-worker, and inspiration.

My proudest moment was… …when I presented research findings before the United Nations’ International Labor Organization in Costa Rica. I designed campaign and development strategies to enhance the efforts in the campaign, "The Legal Empowerment of Indigenous People".

What is your philanthropy? I work to empower youth and provide character education. I travel the country speaking to thousands of students, conducting training seminars, lobbying on Capitol Hill, and appearing on numerous TV and radio programs. I have established a non-profit that provides abstinence education, community outreach, mentoring, and emphasizes self-esteem.

What is the biggest myth about pageantry? Many people assume everything about it is superficial. People get caught up in the glitz and the glamour, but the reality is the titleholders have depth and feel a responsibility to serve their communities. The young ladies are passionate about their platforms. The opportunity to utilize the title to advocate their beliefs, usually is what drives participation…not egotism, nor shallowness.
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