What people are saying about Lisa Marie Miree

"Lisa’s platform on abstinence is one to be proud of. Her commitment in promoting the importance of abstinence nationwide is a value that should be shared by all teens and young adults."
------------------Marion Crecco, New Jersey Assemblywoman

"Miss Lisa’s message really went to heart. A lot of teenagers as well as grown-ups needed that talk she gave us. She is a great inspiration and role model to me and many others. Also, I loved the poems she wrote and shared with us. They will touch many hearts."
-------------------Arkansas High School student

"Lisa Miree's presentation to our area junior and senior high schools was a timely, powerful, and challenging message that was delivered with energy and honesty. She is able to relate to all ages, races and cultures with her sparkling personality, exceptional communication skills and deep convictions. She is an inspirational role model who captivates the hearts and minds of students and adults with her original poetry and life changing message."
---------------------Karen Andrea, New Hope Center Sprans Grant Director

"I Thank Lisa for her willingness to promote AIDS awareness and education as part of her platform. Her voice and talent can help empower youth to make responsible choices while living in a world of AIDS."
-------------------Kathleen Cravero, Deputy Executive Director UNAIDS

"Lisa’s presentation was informative, well received and a true learning experience. Her contribution did much to enhance the State Homeless Education Conference."
------------------Thomas Dannis, Homeless Education For Children & Youth

"Our students learned valuable lessons that every aspect of Miss Miree’s program was geared to convey. It was teaching at its best."
------------------Dr. William Martin, Principal

"I want to congratulate Lisa on the many accomplishments of her young life, and especially for the platform she has represented on the path to being crowned Miss Black U.S.A."
------------------Dr. Andrew Benton, Pepperdine University President

"Thank you for your inspirational message of abstinence to protect our innocence and strength. You have given us an aegis to defend ourselves against the weaker temptations of some of our peers."
----------------Noble High School, Chicago Student Organization

"Lisa’s presentation was flawlessly executed. She knows what she stands for and she articulates her stance with grace and efficiency. Lisa is a woman of God who, I believe, will impact young people for years to come. I know she changed lives in New Jersey."
------------------Minister John Gray III

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